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AutoFocus 3 tool is a CASE tool based on the FOCUS methodology an covers its time-synchronous part.
This tool for modeling and analyzing the structure and behavior of distributed, reactive, and timed computer-based systems. AutoFOCUS 3 has been designed to support the modeling of distributed, timed, reactive systems and support differents layers of models, their simulation and analysis.

  AutoFOCUS 3 captures the following aspects:

  • hierarchical component decomposition of the system,
  • behavior of application parts of the system,
  • modeling of technical architectures including control units and communication busses.
Tasks supported by AutoFOCUS 3:
  • simulation of the modeled application,
  • simulation using interactive elements,
  • generation of code for computational parts,
  • verification of specified properties.

For a detailed information please visit the AutoFOCUS 3 homepage.

  Maria Spichkova
  Last modified 29.07.2011